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Sony Bravia Android TV

Apple TV

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Android Box

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Samsung TV

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LG Smart TV

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1. Under the "F4 BUTTON" is a "SETUP BUTTON"

2. Press the " SETUP" button.

3. You will be in the " SYSTEM SETTINGS" page.

4. Click on "SERVERS".

5. Click on "PORTALS".

6. Click on either "PORTAL 1 URL or PORTAL 2 URL"

7. On your REMOTE press the "KEYBOARD" button.

8. Type in ""

9. Press the "ENTER" button on the keyboard to "SAVE

Enter your Username and Pasword

Android Box

Click here to download

Download the Norago App onto a USB stick

Here's how........

1. Insert a USB stick into your desktop/laptop

2. Click on the app and click DOWNLOAD

3.Once the download is completed, DO NOT open the file

4. Click on "show all" or go to your DOWNLOADS folder

(If helpful, you can query to find the folder - search Programs and Files)

5. Once you see the saved file, click on file

6. Right click

7. Click on "SEND to USB DRIVE"

8. After the file is installed on the USB stick, remove the USB stick from your desktop/laptop

9. Insert the USB stick into your TV box

10. On the main page, look for - FILE BROWSER - and click to open

11. Find the file indicated by USB

12. Click on "sda1"

13. Install the file

Enter your Username and Password


On your TV remote, click the " HOME button, then ....

1. Select " LG STORE" 

2. Click on "APPS and GAMES"

3.  Click the " SORT & FILTER" button, then select the Entertainment category

3. Find the " NoraGO " app

4. Click “ Install

5. After installation, open the " NoraGO"  application


              Enter your Username and Password                   

Sony Bravia Android TV

1. Select "Apps"

2. Click on "Google Play"

3. Create a Google Account (or use your existing Google Account)

4 Click "Get More Apps"

4. Find the "NoraGO" app

4. Click “Install”

5. After installation, open the "NoraGO" application

Enter your Username and Password  

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV Models 

UKS9500, UKS9000, UKS8500, UKS8000 UKS7500, UKS7000, 

UKU6500, UKU6400, UKU6300, UKU6000, UK6200, UK5500

Visit the APP STORE on your Samsung TV

1. On the remote control, press the SMART TV button, then select the APPS icon

2. Select the “Search” field and enter “NoraGO”                                                      

3. Type NoraGO on the keyboard and press the DONE key                                    

 4. Click “install”. After installation, open NoraGO application                                    

Enter your Username and Password                   



As the NoraGo app is not available on Amazon Store, you have to install it as a third-party app

 Follow the steps below


To install third-party app:

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab on Firestick

               2. Under the “Settings” tab, click on “My Fire TV” button 

3. Click on the “Developer Options” button 

4. Now click on “Apps from unknown sources"

5. Select the “Turn On” button 

      6. Press the “OK” button on your Firestick remote

Your Firestick is now ready to accept third-party applications


To install any third-party apps, you need a tool to download an application

The Downloader app is very popular for sideloading apps to Firestick

  To install the Downloader app:

1. Go to the "Settings" tab on Amazon Fire TV Stick

      2. Search “Downloader” and click on the suggestions 

           3. "Downloader" app along with other relevant app appear

4. Click on the "Downloader" app 

5. Now click on the “Download” button

The app will get downloaded and install automatically!

6. Click “Open” to launch the installed app.


 To install NoraGo on Firestick:

1. Open "Downloader" app

2. Enter the URL “” and click "Go"

3. The app will start downloading

                                                4. Once it gets downloaded, it will move to the installation page

5. Click “Install

6. Click “Open” once the app gets installed

Enter your Username and Password

Apple TV

(4th Generation)

1. Select the "App Store" icon in the Settings column

2. Select a search box

3. In the highlighted space, enter "NoraGO" with a keyboard and click OK to track the application

4. After the "NoraGO" application icon appears, click the "GET" button to begin the installation process

 5. Click “Install”. After installation, open "NoraGO" application

Enter your Username and Password