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Just follow the directions below to get started on your FREE 3 day trial!

For the Portuguese and Brazil FREE trial -

Click here to download

Download the Norago App onto a USB stick........

1. Insert a USB stick into your desktop/laptop

2. Click on the app and click DOWNLOAD

3.Once the download is completed, DO NOT open the file 

4. Click on "show all" or go to your DOWNLOADS folder

 (If helpful, you can query to find the folder - search Programs and Files)

5. Once you see the saved file, click on file

6. Right click

7. Click on "SEND to USB DRIVE"

8. After the file is installed on the USB stick, remove the USB stick from your desktop/laptop

 9. Insert the USB stick into your TV box

10. On the main page, look for - FILE BROWSER - and click to open

11.   Find the file indicated by USB 

12. Click on "sda1"

13. Install the file

Call 437.922.5207 now for your Pincode to start your FREE 3 day trial!


For the International FREE trial -